Secure ID


Keeping IDentities Safe for KIDS

An enhanced ID Helps your Child stay protected at home and travel smart when abroad.  

This program is administered by the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Olympic Peninsula in partnership with the Coalition for a Secure ID.Obtaining an Enhanced ID card from the WA State Department of Licensing is the best way to protect children from becoming victims of identity theft. In addition it is smart choice for border crossing.

We see the value in protecting child identity. With help from the Coalition and additional funding we are able to encourage parents to protect their identity. We will reimburse anyone that obtains an child Enhanced ID and returns the reimbursement voucher with proof of purchase. It’s free for our community’s children, take advantage of this $72 offering.

1. Gather Necessary Documents

  • Original State issued birth certificate. Photo copies or hospital issued not acceptable
  • Provide child's social security number
  • Proof of State Residency (Parent Drivers license with current address or a home utility bill with parent's name and address)
  • Proof of Parent or Guardianship (Parent Driver's License/ID and Guardians must bring court order and ID)
  • Prepare to pay the fee. (The Clubs reimburse you)
2. Obtain ID
  • Bring your child to the Department of Licensing, 228 W. 1st Street Suite M, Port Angeles (no appointment necessary)
3. Fill Out Voucher and be Reimbursed
  • Use the link below to download a voucher
  • Bring your completed voucher, the child's new Enhanced ID, and receipt of purchase to one of our two 
Club locations
400 W. Fir St. in Sequim   
2620 S. Francis St. in Port Angeles
Reimbursement Voucher
For more information visit
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